Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Our Logo Process

Hey! So we finally got some free time to write a bit about our logo process. Sorry it's been so long. Hopefully not too many of you have cried too hard about our serious lack of posting.

So, what can you expect to get when we do a logo for you? Well, let us just show you!

We start out with the basic logo concept sketches. These are fairly rough, and they're drawn about the size of a Wheat Thin. Below are a few examples:

Sometimes we play with fonts, tweaking them to fit the look and feel the client wants. Other times, we simply create our own designs. No matter what, the concepts almost always start out with sketches on paper.

So, the next step: We ask our clients to choose the elements they like from the sketches we've provided. With the STC Construction logo, the client really liked the idea of an arm and hammer. Of course, we didn't want the logo to look like a baking soda box, but they really liked the strength that an arm with a hammer conveyed. So, we cooked them up something that looked like this:

For the Note Mall logo, we used a number of different options based on the same font system the client liked:

Now, at this point, any of these choices would work pretty well. But we want to hone it down to just a few. (If the client wants an entire identity package in which there are several logos and a complete style guide, we can do that; but right now, we're just talking about creating a basic logo.) The client decides what he/she likes again, and we make the slight changes it takes to get to this:

At this point, we usually give the client a few more options, just so they can have a variety of logos for their different needs:

And, voĆ­la! We're done! Here are the finished examples from some of our recent logos:

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