Thursday, December 6, 2007

Kinateder, Inc. Featured in The New York Times!

Yesterday, something interesting happened here at Kinateder. One of our employees did a random Google search for Kinateder and Associates (we used to be named that, and we still haven't really gotten used to the change), when what should happen but that we stumble across an article in the New York Times written in January of this year with an image we created featured prominently at the head of the article! Woo hoo! Yeah, we were pretty excited about that. It's too bad that it took us 12 months to figure it out! Still, we can now say with pride that one of our images has graced the pages of America's premier newspaper! So next year, perhaps our goal should be to be featured in The Economist or something like that. For now, we're just really glad we stumbled upon such great publicity. After all, NYT publishes "all the news that's fit to print". And we think that makes us pretty special.

I'm going to edit this post tomorrow and talk a little more about this, but until then, I'll post it anyway.

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